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Clean your Beach from your Paddle Board

Clean your Beach from your Paddle Board

If you could do good and  have a killer time on the water, would you take us up on it? The iROCKER team and our global community of adventure lovers paddle waterways of every shape and size all over the world. These bodies of water all have one unfortunate thing in common—pollution. Sure, the views are beautiful and the sunshine makes the water sparkle, but nothing ruins the scenery and a perfect day of paddle boarding like a floating pile of trash. 


Serving your community doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Grab some friends, inflate your paddle board and head to your closest body of water. Whether it’s the retention pond in your neighborhood or the sprawling Atlantic Ocean, SUPing your way to a trash-free environment is the best way we know how to give back. 


You don’t need to remove hundreds of pounds of trash to accomplish something important. It can be as simple as a few bottles and some plastic bags. But first, you’ll need to be prepared with the right gear. 

Staying hydrated is key to a successful cleanup. The Cooler Deck Bag is the perfect accessory for keeping drinks and snacks cold without taking up too much real estate on your board that can otherwise be used to store trash. Even better, once the cooler is empty, it makes the perfect receptable for storing plastic bottles and other small trash items you come across on the water. The bag uses a bungee system to securely attach to the front of your board and uses a sanitary liner that’s easy to clean when you’re done. 


Another accessory for making your SUP clean up even easier is the SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit. Adding a seat to your SUP puts your arms as close to the surface as possible, making it easier for you to pick up pieces of trash that may be floating by or stuck near the shoreline.  

Converting your SUP into a kayak is as easy as can be. Take a look at our step-by-step video instructions here. 



We’re all about having a good time out on the water, but sometimes the universe calls us all to do more. There are massive ocean cleanups all over the world and your local swimming hole could probably use some TLC, too. You don’t need fancy equipment or advanced conservation knowledge to make a difference. 

One of the top reasons to use a paddle board instead of a boat or kayak to clean up your beach is the clearance levels you can reach. Paddle through even the shallowest parts of the water to reach trash caught in shrubbery or rocks. You can’t do that with a boat! 

A great inflatable paddle board is your first step toward becoming an ocean conservationist.

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