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Portable battery for electric pump
Portable battery connected to electric pump
Portable battery for electric pump with cord
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  • The iROCKER Portable Battery allows you to power your iROCKER 12V Electric Pump anywhere you go.
  • Complete with a 12V DC power outlet and USB plugin, you can power your 12V Electric Pump with the car plug extension, as well as charge any USB compatible devices.
  • When fully charged, this portable battery is able to provide enough power to your 12V Electric Pump to inflate approximately 2 paddle boards, or provide 2 full phone charges, or provide 3 action camera charges.
  • Dimensions: 25.4 cm x 20.32 cm x 17.78 cm
  • Weight: 0.6 kg
  • Lithium battery compacity: 4000mAh

Learn how to use the iROCKER Electric Pump Battery here.

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